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Why Volunteer

Volunteers offer much-needed support to our staff and supplemental programs and services for our students.  Volunteers also save the district money so they can better provide for essentials like competitive teacher salaries.  Did you know that cafeteria volunteers save the district $400,000 per year?!

Volunteering is also a great opportunity to connect and build relationships with parents, community members, and staff while modeling the service mindset we aim to teach our students... "Enter to Learn. Go Forth to Serve."  You may even get to see your kids at school!

See below for the many ways to get involved.

Get instructions for our (VSP) website HERE.

Volunteer Opportunities

Cafeteria - Raider Cafe

Serve food or cashier in our cafeteria! 

Did you know that the PTO operates the cafeteria?!  A trained, paid staff prepares the food, but the serving lines and cashiers are staffed by volunteers.  Sign up for a monthly shift or a single shift whenever you're available.  Or ask to be added to our sub list to take a shift as needed.  Shifts are from 10:30-1:00.  Sign up here or learn more here.  (To sign up for a monthly shift, sign up only for the first occurrence and the volunteer coordinator will add the other monthly shifts for you).  Contact the Cafeteria Volunteer Chairs with questions.

Raider Shop

The Raider Shop, located under the red and yellow awning in the cafeteria, sells t-shirts and other spirit items, and school supplies. The Raider Shop is managed by the PTO and all profits are gifted back to the school.  Two people are scheduled for each shift, so you may choose to volunteer with a friend or make a new friend.  Shifts are once per month at 7:30-8:30 am or 10:30-1:00pm OR you can sign up to be on our sub list to fill in as needed.  Sign up here or learn more here. Email our Raider Shop Volunteer Chairs with questions.

Teacher Workroom

The teacher workroom services all teachers, counselors, and staff for both MIS and HPMS.  Every job completed by a volunteer gives our busy teachers more time to focus on their students and classrooms.  The work consists of copying, laminating, cutting, collating, etc. and is overseen by a full-time employee to help with any questions.  Monthly two-hour shifts are available from 10am-12pm every school day. The workroom is located on the 7/8 side of HPMS next to the clinic.  Sign up here or email our Teacher Workroom Chair to sign up.

Raider Library

This is a great opportunity to serve our school in a relaxed and friendly environment! You can volunteer for one or preferably two shifts per month to assist the librarians with book reshelving and other tasks.  One-hour shifts are available from 9-10am or 1-2pm every school day.  Sign up here or email our Library Volunteer Chair to sign up.

Book Fair

Work a shift as a cashier during our book fair.  All proceeds go back to support our library.  Sign up in BSSU or email our Book Fair Chair.


The Newcomers Committee extends a special welcome to all students and parents who are new to HPISD.  Email our MIS Newcomers Chair or HPMS Newcomers Chair for more info or to sign up to help!

7th and 8th Grade Activities

The PTO holds age-appropriate chaperoned activities for our 7th and 8th grade students. These events offer fun experiences and the chance to make new friends in a relaxed social environment. The 7th Grade Party is held in the fall at HPMS.  Our 8th Graders are honored in May at a special breakfast and all-day party called Spirit Day!  To help, email our 7th Grade Party Chairs or 8th Grade Activity Chairs.


The MIS/HPMS PTO supports the school clinic by purchasing items such as snacks, clothing, and bandages and supporting the clinic with volunteers for health screenings held throughout the year (volunteers assist with checking in students, no medical experience necessary).  If you would like to donate items to the clinic or volunteer to help with the screenings, please email our Clinic Volunteer Chair.

Faculty & Staff Appreciation Committee

We provide snacks all day for the teachers every 9-week grading period and host two large luncheons during the school year to thank them for all they do.  Sign up to help during BSSU or email our Appreciation Chairs.

Raiders Reaching Out Committee

Raiders Reaching Out supports our MIS/HPMS families and staff who have faced a crisis. The committee will send notes, deliver flowers, arrange meals or coordinate assistance -- all in an effort to let our staff and families know that we care.  If you would like to volunteer or contribute to Raiders Reaching Out, please email our Raiders Reaching Out Chairs

Room Parents (MIS Only)

Every 5th and 6th grade advisory class needs two room parents. Room Parent responsibilities include:

  • Attend a mandatory Room Parent Orientation on Friday, September 8th from 8:30-9:30 a.m. in the 5/6 Assembly Room.

  • Put together a class phone/address list.

  • Send out communications to parents in the class via email.

  • Prepare a volunteer sign-up sheet for field trips, class project helpers, class parties and other events scheduled by the teacher.

  • Arrange a class coffee for parents in your advisory.

  • Keep in touch with the teacher throughout the school year to help with any special requests.

Room Parents are assigned at the start of the school year.  Email our 5th Grade Room Parent Coordinators or 6th Grade Room Parent Coordinators if interested.


Email us for more information.

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