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Volunteer in Our Cafeteria - "The Raider Cafe"

Why should I volunteer?

Did you know that cafeteria volunteers save the district $400,000 per year?!  This allows our district to use its money for other essentials, like more competitive teacher salaries!​  Volunteering is also a great opportunity to connect and build relationships with parents, community members, and staff while modeling the service mindset we aim to teach our students... "Enter to Learn. Go Forth to Serve."  You may even get to see your kids at school!

What do volunteers do?

As a volunteer, YOU get to be the "lunch lady" (or man)!  Our volunteers serve food with a friendly smile or ring up our kids at the cash register.  You can read more detailed job descriptions here and see a map of stations here.

When are shifts?

Shifts are from 10:30-1:00.  Most people sign up for a monthly shift (for example, the second Tuesday of every month), but if you can't commit to that, you can also sign up for an open shift any time you are free, or tell us you'd like to be a sub and we will contact you when we need help.

How do I sign up?

Sign up here. (To sign up for a monthly shift, sign up only for the first occurrence and the volunteer coordinator will add the other monthly shifts for you).  Email us with questions.

Who do I contact for help? (click to email)

Your direct contact is your Day Captain for your assigned day. Please contact your Day Captain first.

Day Captains:

If you are unable to reach your Day Captain, email the Cafeteria Volunteer Chair. If you are unable to reach the Volunteer Chair, contact the Cafeteria Manager, Brenda Vardell, at 214-780-3625.

Day Captains
Other Questions

What do I wear?

If you are SERVING food, closed toed shoes are required (sneakers recommended).  Bring a hat if you don't want to use one of our cute hairnets. Gloves and Aprons are provided for free!  If you are a cashier, just dress comfortably!

How will I know what to do?

If you're a server, your day captain or Cafeteria Manager (Brenda Vardell) can show you how much to serve of each item that day.  If you're cashiering, they can also show you how to ring up items (for example, what counts as a double serving, or what's included in a "meal" bundle).   Just be sure to arrive a few minutes early and get a quick run down for the day!  Just remember, wear gloves when serving food, wash your hands and change gloves often, and do not eat behind serving lines!  For full volunteer serving rules, please click here.

What do I do when my shift is over?

Make yourself a free plate of food, and get out of there, but not before signing out with one of the security checkpoints! Thanks for keeping our campus safe and secure!

What if I can't make my shift?  Find a sub!

You are responsible for finding a substitute if you have a conflict. Please use the following instructions:

  • Use the VSP website to request a sub.  This is the easiest and fastest way to find someone to cover your shift. It also lets our Raider Cafe staff know who will be filling in for you.  After signing in to the VSP website, click on "My Schedule", and then click on "request sub" next to the shift for which you need a sub.

  • If someone accepts your sub request, you will receive an email confirmation.  If you do not receive an email, your request is still pending and you need to continue trying to find a sub.

  • To view lists of other volunteers you could contact to swap shifts, click on the "Rosters" tab. (Hint, if your shift is on a Thursday, try emailing volunteers on other Thursdays to trade with you).

  • If you are a cashier, it is best to find someone who also works as a cashier; otherwise, we will have to train the substitute.

  • Let your Day Captain know who will be substituting for you via email or phone.

Please remember, the kids are counting on you!  When volunteers do not show up for their assigned shift and do not find substitutes, the lunch lines are longer and our kids have less time to eat.

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