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Faculty and Staff Appreciation

Please help with Faculty and Staff Appreciation for MIS & HPMS!  We provide snacks all day for the teachers every 9-week grading period and host two large luncheons during the school year to thank them for all they do.

We need volunteers to bring salty/savory snacks and sweet treats to feed about 20 people (e.g., 2-3 dozen cookies, large bowl of dip and chips, etc.). Homemade things are wonderful, but you can also purchase specialty treats from Celebrity, Susie Cakes, Festive Kitchen, etc.

Sign-up during BSSU!

Faculty and Staff Appreciation

We LOVE our Teachers, Faculty and Staff!  Please feel free to reference the 2023-2024 MIS Faculty and/or Favs 2023-2024 HPMS Faculty Favs.

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